Midgardian Tales


Please participate! I would like to know which story you’d like to read first!

this fanfiction is closed

nnnnnnooooooooooooo it cant be over :(

it is, sorry… seriously got no inspiration left…


A Song of Ice and Ice and Also Ice by Nimloth87
(via Flicks and Bits)


A Song of Ice and Ice and Also Ice by Nimloth87

(via Flicks and Bits)

I found Midgardian Tales for a friend :D and I must say this has been a great inspiration for my own works of Loki and his lovely wife, Sigyn. And your Loki/Sigyn lemon shots are one of the best I've ever read. I'm dying to see more of them but with Avengers!Loki :3 :Q____ makes me drool all the time <3 keep the awesome work my friend, I'll be in alert if you're up to something new.

thank you very much! That was my intention ^^

But it seems like I’ll never continue this fic again. Maybe one day, but not likely in the near future.

I’m busy with another fic at the moment and after that I’ve sworn to myself to finally finish one of my novels.

So I won’t promise anything

when i first discovered this fic i told to myself, that i suposed to read this very slowly, because i really liked, your writing is freaking good! then i ended when you stoped the posts and i didn't readed slowly as i had promised! i'm blaming me sooo much! but anyway, hope you still writing things that you like! i'm a big fan! (i don't know if you know, that you have a big fan base, because i'm from Brasil!)

thank you so much! I’m sorry that I have stopped writing MM, but somehow inspiration has left me here. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever pick up with it again.

at the moment I write a fanfiction for my new favorite TV show and after that I have promised myself to finally start AND finish my very own fantasy novel. I hope you can forgive me … :(

that doesnt sound like it would be for me, sorry! but truely, i know i'll love any update here in the future. you will forever have a fan of this! :)

sorry to hear that, but thank you so much!!!

I’ll try my best to get some inspiration then… :)

that would have been another thing i would suggest! either way, i'll always love this story, even if you update it in two years <3

thank you so much!!! Now I feel even more bad for not updating.

Currently I’m writing a fanfic about CW’s Beauty and the Beast. Maybe it’s something for you too? [link]

I promise that there will be an update soon!

if you're looking for inspiration, i'd like to see loki and sigyn deciding to have their sons! c:

thank you for your idea! right now I’m head over heels in another fanfiction, but I’ll surely keep that in mind!

However I wanted to bring in Loki’s children with Angrboda as well, just to see how Sigyn reacts to them. There are so many things that still can happen :)

But thank you for still keeping interest in my midgardian tales

atm moment I have difficulties to get into the story again, I’m sorry. Partly my new favorite TV-Show is to blame. If you like Beauty and the Beast as well or simply like my writing, maybe this one is something for you as well.

And I really will try to write something new for you. Please suggest if you have any ideas. Maybe it’ll inspire me.